5 asteroids are approaching the Earth at once – NASA

(ORDO NEWS) — There are no fewer dangers in space than here on Earth. It’s just that not all people on the planet know about the approach of asteroids and huge meteorites.

Many of them are potentially dangerous. Every time at least 1 asteroid approaches our globe, NASA is the first to learn about it and begin to calculate the trajectory. It helps to find out all the possible risks.

According to the information received by the National Aeronautics Administration, 5 celestial bodies will approach the Earth in the coming days, and here is what is known about them:

2022 WB5 flies at a speed of 39 thousand km/h. The diameter of the space stone is approximately 25 meters. It will fly by the planet at a distance of 2.2 million km.

2022 VP1 is almost twice as large as the first and is 51 m in diameter. Fortunately, it will fly at a distance of 6.6 million km. If such a stone fell to Earth, it would cause a terrible disaster.

2022 WA6 with a diameter of about 25-26 meters will come 1.6 million km to the globe. It will pass by the Earth on December 6.

2022 WV8, about 50 m in diameter, will also approach the planet. Earth will be separated from the asteroid by 5.9 million km.

Already on December 7, another asteroid will pass by the globe. It was named 2022 WK9. It is about the same size as a professional football field. Its speed is 51,504 km/h.

No further threats from space are expected this week. However, this does not mean at all that they will not appear next week.

The whole danger from asteroids lies in the fact that neither NASA nor other space agencies yet know how to knock down these giant stones.

There is an action algorithm, but it is theoretical and has never been practiced before.


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