5 animals with high intelligence

(ORDO NEWS) — Humans are the most intelligent creatures in the world! It seems that this opinion is an axiom for many. However, there are many types of living beings on Earth that show amazing abilities!

It seems that we already know everything about the features of primates, and who else in the wild is as smart?

Of course, few people can compete with the mental abilities of a person. But when we talk about rational beings, we immediately think of primates, that is, our closest relatives. However, there are animals in the world that are ready to compete with primates for the title of “smartest”.

1 – Rats

These creatures not only adapted to life in the midst of a huge number of dangers, but also learned to thrive among people. To us, rats may be dirty, stray rodents, but they are amazingly intelligent.

It is for this reason that rats have become laboratory test subjects. Although the rodent brain is not as complex as the primate brain, there are some similarities that make rodents an ideal model for research.

They have amazing cognitive abilities; can navigate in places where food is stored. And with the right training, rats can even perform certain tasks and tricks. Rodents are able to overcome obstacles and quickly find solutions to new problems. All thanks to their strong memory and high communication skills.

2 – Crows

You have probably noticed how crows plunder garbage cans in parks. This is one feature of birds that suggests that these guys are extraordinarily smart!

Crows and the crow family (magpies, jackdaws and rooks) are among the most intelligent animals. Being so close to human life, crows have shown an incredible ability to adapt, going to tricks.

For example, they put unbroken nuts on the road so that the tires of cars break the shell, and they also use twigs to make complex tools. These birds can remember faces and even hold a grudge against people they don’t like!

By the way, some studies have shown that crows perfectly understand traffic signals … apparently, they need this skill to crack all the same nuts.

3 – Elephants

Phenomenal memory is one of the most famous characteristics of elephants. But that’s not the only thing that makes them so smart.

Elephants are social animals that carefully coordinate with each other to navigate the forests. Recent studies have shown that animals can also discriminate between several human languages.

Making tools and using them is another feature of elephants. Elephants, like crows and chimpanzees, have been found to use tools both in the wild and in captivity. They even create special tools to keep insects away!

These animals can easily distinguish colors and seem to have a moderate understanding of form and aesthetics. They also show a penchant for certain types of music.

4 – Dolphins

Everyone knows that dolphins are incredibly smart animals! Their encephalization ratio, which is the ratio of observed brain mass to predicted brain mass, is second only to humans. This means that dolphins have big brains, very big ones!

These mammals are very similar to us when it comes to enjoying life. It was found that they love to play, decorate themselves. They are also very creative thinkers, as evidenced by their many ways of hunting and catching food. They create complex systems that require intellectual sophistication to execute.

Dolphins, like humans, are also able to learn from their past experiences. They use complex language to communicate with each other and love to communicate. They have also been observed imitating each other to amuse onlookers.

5 – Squirrels

Squirrels are real conspirators! They love to be cunning and plan ahead. For example, to survive long winters, squirrels plan their lives in advance and hide food in places where it can be obtained without much difficulty. And in order to defend themselves, they disguise themselves as rattlesnakes (they collect the smell of an animal with their skin).

In addition, squirrels are very dexterous. It may seem to you that this quality has nothing to do with intelligence, but it is not. This ability allows rodents to be quick and clearly plan their escape routes.


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