47 US counties quarantined due to dangerous insect

(ORDO NEWS) — On the East Coast of the United States, panic continues over the rather popular species of cicadas, called the spotted lamppost. At the moment, 47 counties in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania have already been quarantined.

Reported by USA Today.

The spotted lantern is an invasive type of insect that prevents plants from photosynthesis, leading to their death. Five more counties have been added to the list of counties to be quarantined in the past few days. Insects managed to capture 13 counties in New Jersey and 34 in Pennsylvania.

Douglas Fisher noted that the spotted lantern is very adept at moving around in a wide variety of vehicles. This led to the fact that the insect spread throughout the country quickly enough.

For the first time in Pennsylvania, the spotted lantern appeared no more than ten years ago. The insect is able to quickly move from place to place, so it was able to penetrate deep into the country in a short time.

The authorities are asking local residents to strictly comply with all security measures before moving any items outdoors in the quarantined areas.

Initially, items should be examined for the presence of lantern eggs. They do not cause any harm to pets or people, but at the same time they can feed and thus destroy 70 different types of plants.


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