400-meter asteroid is approaching Earth NASA assessed the danger

(ORDO NEWS) — On January 3, according to NASA experts, a giant asteroid will approach the Earth. It will be one of three to fly to Earth this week.

The approaching body was named 2003 AF23. Its diameter can reach 390 meters. Unfortunately, scientists cannot determine the exact size. The body is expected to appear at an altitude of 6.3 million km.

In the near future, two more elements of space debris will fly up to the globe. The first with a diameter of 12-26 meters, most likely, has already flown by, and the second with a diameter of 17-37 meters will approach on January 3.

Experts named the first object 2020 YA1, and the second 2020 YP4. 2003 AF23 was classified as a potentially dangerous asteroid. Fortunately, the danger will pass, if, of course, scientists have calculated everything correctly.

According to NASA criteria, bodies over 140 meters in diameter, which fly up to 7.5 million km, pose a serious threat. Fortunately, most objects are whizzing past or burn up in the atmosphere.


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