4 technologies that aliens most likely have

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(ORDO NEWS) — According to some experts, alien civilizations can be found by using various technologies.

In the future, the Project Galileo mission will be launched. As part of this mission, experts will look for signs of alien life. However, there are several technologies that are most likely to be found in aliens.

1 – Megastructures. Most likely, as the physicist Freeman Dyson suggested in 1960, aliens will sooner or later begin to use the energy of one of the stars.

They can also change the asteroid belt, presenting it as a spherical shell that would cover the Sun. This would allow them to receive a large amount of energy and would provide space for life (on the inside of the shell).

2 – Industrial chemicals. Astronomers can determine what substances are in the atmosphere of a particular planet, thanks to starlight.

Astrophysicist Professor Avi Loeb believes that scientists need to look for chemical compounds such as tetrafluoromethane (CF4) and trichlorofluoromethane (CCl3F). These substances are fairly easy to detect.

4 technologies that aliens most likely have 2

3 – Laser powered sails for space travel. It takes a lot of fuel to run a spaceship. However, the problem disappears when using a laser-powered light sail.

Such a development was described by the American scientist Robert Forward in 1984. Now a similar idea is being applied as part of the Breakthrough Starshot program.

If aliens use this technology, then experts will be able to detect flashes of light when the laser is turned on and off.

4 – Transport routes through time and space. Representatives of a developed civilization would be able to create their own special “wormholes” for fast travel in time and space.

When creating a network of such “wormholes”, experts could see them with the help of gravitational microlensing.

This is possible during the passage of a celestial object between the Earth and a distant star. The gravity of the object for some time as a result amplifies the light of this star.


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