4 potentially dangerous asteroids will approach the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA employees have warned that four potentially dangerous asteroids are headed toward our planet at the same time. Two of them will fly by in the evening of October 4, two more asteroids will approach on October 5.

The asteroids were named 2022 SM21, 2022 SO11, 2018 VG, 2022 SJ28.

Experts say that space stones have a very small diameter. It is extremely problematic to establish the exact dimensions, so NASA provided approximate calculations.

Asteroid 2022 SM21 has a diameter of 9-20 meters. The object will approach the Earth in the evening of October 4 at a speed of about 54,252 km/h. This indicator is almost 44 times greater than the speed of sound.

Asteroid 2022 SO11 will also approach our planet on October 4. It can pose a minor threat to the Earth, because its dimensions are 11-25 meters.

The flight speed of the space stone is 36 times greater than the speed of sound and reaches a mark of 44,676 km/h.

On October 5, asteroid 2018 VG will approach Earth at a speed of 24,012 km/h. This is also considered a fairly high speed. The diameter of the object is 9-20 meters.

Asteroid 2022 SJ28 is the fourth on the list of objects that will fly by our planet these days. Its flight speed is 33,264 km/h. Scientists say that it is the largest, because its diameter is in the range of 14-32 meters.

Experts say that asteroids are potentially dangerous, but at the same time they will arrive at a fairly large distance from Earth – approximately 1 million kilometers.

At the same time, no one excludes the possibility that the orbit of space stones may change and this will lead to a collision with our planet.


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