4 new strains of coronavirus found in New York

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts examined wastewater samples collected in the sewers of New York. They managed to detect four new strains of coronavirus at once.

Experts believe that such mutations will help determine exactly where a new strain dangerous to humanity can appear.

Researchers believe that the discovered strains of coronavirus may be directly related to animals, but at the moment they have not been able to prove it. Rats can act as a possible distributor and carrier of viruses.

The second version of the appearance of these strains in wastewater is the mutation of the coronavirus in humans, which have not yet been studied by scientists. Another interesting version is that in different parts of the body the virus can have a different look.

For example, they can be in the intestines, but do not develop in the nasopharynx. That is why it is impossible to establish the presence of coronavirus in the body using a standard smear.

The researchers note the fact that the mutations found in the samples are not typical of those strains that have circulated before. At the same time, there are some similar moments with Omicron.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that anomalies have a very good resistance to some antibodies that were obtained with the help of patients. Scientists will continue to study these strains to learn more about them.

It is noted that wastewater monitoring in the city is used in order to control the situation with coronavirus, as well as to make effective decisions on protective measures as quickly as possible.

At the same time, using the standard method of isolating coronavirus, it is not possible to establish what kind of genotype it has. The study began in January last year. Then samples were taken from 14 different treatment facilities of the metropolis.


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