4 million people affected by ongoing flooding in Assam, India

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(ORDO NEWS) — Flooding in the northeastern Indian state of Assam affected nearly 4 million people. Flooded 27 districts of the state.

The ongoing flooding has affected 3,218 villages and damaged more than 13 million hectares of arable land and more than 3.3 million animals, according to Assamese Disaster Management officials.

On Thursday, floods claimed five lives, raising the death toll to 71.

“The 27 affected areas of the state affected a population of 3,979,563,” said a spokesman for the Assamese Disaster Management Authority. “The floods also affected arable land spread over 13,136,827 hectares, as well as 3,376,436 animals.”

The incessant rains also caused landslides in several areas, which also killed 26 people, officials said.

The local government has set up relief centers and camps in which over 49,000 people have taken refuge.

Local residents said that most people took refuge in the homes of their friends and relatives.


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