36 cities are at risk of flooding due to rising sea levels

(ORDO NEWS) — Most coastal communities are at risk of coastal flooding due to rising sea levels. Some cities are building walls to keep the land from flooding, while some are coming up with alternative solutions.

More than 226 million people in 36 cities are expected to be affected by sea level rise, according to a study published in The Swiftest. In connection with this fact, they also prepared a report that indicates the 36 largest cities at risk of flooding if the sea level rises to 1.5 m.

In this scenario, many cities around the world appear to be at risk, including Amsterdam, New York, Bangkok and, not surprisingly, Venice. Very important landmarks located in these cities are also in danger.

St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice has already suffered from several floods in recent years. Venice’s topography makes it particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels.

The city is only one meter above the waterline and has been sinking for centuries. Sea levels are expected to rise by 120 centimeters by the end of the 21st century, 50 percent higher than average forecasts of sea level rise worldwide by 2100.

Miami is one of the cities that is also not very above the waterline. It is only 2 meters above sea level. Especially Miami Beach, a popular tourist destination, has been experiencing severe flooding for many years.

Some measures are being taken, such as installing pumps, raising roads, and restoring wetlands. In addition, the State of Florida is investing $4 billion to prevent further damage.

The frequency of flooding in New York has increased dramatically, and last year the city faced its first flash flood emergency. The city is 10 meters above the waterline and is also at risk from rising sea levels.

Sea levels are expected to rise by about 70 cm by 2050. As a prevention method, New York has launched the East Side Coastal Resilience Project to protect its residents from extreme weather in the future. In addition, the Statue of Liberty may not withstand rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions.

We have already witnessed some preventive measures in different countries. For example, Jakarta, the sinking capital of Indonesia, is building a sea wall to fight the tide. Storm barriers on the Hudson River are also another plan to protect coastlines around New York City from extreme weather and rising sea levels.

Time will tell if these methods are good enough to fight global climate change.


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