3,500-year-old menhir accidentally discovered in India

(ORDO NEWS) — A 1.83 meter high menhir was discovered last week on the side of a road in Ellarigudem in India’s Mahababbad region.

The researchers made the discovery during the search for archaeological sites in the region as part of the Preserve Heritage for Posterity program. The Arkeonews portal tells in detail about the event.

Archaeologist Dr. E. Shivanagi Reddy, CEO of the Pleach India Foundation, said the find was made by accident. During a trip through the region, scientists simply saw a huge stone standing on the side of the road.

“It turned out to be a menhir, which was placed here in memory of the deceased person. In height from it reaches 183 centimeters, its diameter is 90 centimeters. The stone is dug into the ground to a depth of about one meter,” says Dr. Reddy.

The former director of the Geological Survey of India, Dr. K. Mahender Reddy, said that the menhir was made from a weathered piece of granite, in which there are almost no impurities of minerals.

Its main feature is that this granite is white. The expert also noted that the artifact was made in the era of the megalith, and therefore this monument has historical significance.

Dr. Shivanagi Reddy drew the attention of the local population to the archaeological significance of the menhir and urged them to take care of the monument, as well as to think about how to enclose it and install a sign with an inscription.


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