350-year-old search is completed: the US has discovered the “Holy Grail”

(ORDO NEWS) — For a long time, experts tried to find out the secret of the ship, which was called “Griffin”. It crashed on Lake Michigan back in 1679.

After that, he became the real “Holy Grail” for most treasure seekers. There were many rumors and legends about the ship, but the most popular is the one that tells about the transformation of the “Griffin” into a ghost ship.

It also says that in the light of the moon at night in the area of ​​the shipwreck, you can hear quite loud songs of sailors.

The shipwreck happened almost 350 years ago. The wreckage was found in one of those lakes that are officially part of the American Great Lakes group.

Back in the 17th century, the ship was engaged in the transportation of valuable furs, but it did not succeed in delivering the goods to the destination.

Many people said that the curse of the local Indians was the cause of the crash. “Griffin” soon began to be called the “Holy Grail” between those specialists who were engaged in the search not only for sunken ships, but also for treasures.

Steve and Katie Liebert are confident that the ship that they managed to find in 2018 is in fact the mysterious Griffin. Many specialists dreamed of finding him. It should be noted that the description of the vessel is fully consistent with the wreckage that was found.

After the remains were examined, a new version appeared regarding the cause of the ship’s wreck. Most likely, he got into a sufficiently strong storm, which caused damage to the vessel and as a result, it sank along with the valuable cargo that was on board.

If you count it in modern money, then the wool turned out to be worth 869 thousand dollars under the water. Many experts note the fact that the bowsprit of the ship was broken off, and its sinking to the bottom of the reservoir occurred at a distance of several kilometers from the main part of the ship.


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