3,200-year-old trepanned skull discovered in Van province in eastern Turkey

(ORDO NEWS) — A 3,200-year-old trepanned skull was found in the province of Van in eastern Turkey.

In prehistoric times, Anatolia served as a transitional area for the first human settlements of the Neolithic period. Prehistoric people left imprints of beliefs, rituals and ways of life on this earth.

Archeology, anthropology and, in collaboration with medical science, are trying to unravel these clues. The dissection is one of the findings of this unique example, which can be taken as the beginning of the history of neurosurgery.

Although the first trepanation (brain surgery) was performed on a skull discovered in Israel during the Paleolithic era, the oldest trepanned skull was from a Neolithic man. However, many trepanations were performed even after death.

The earliest trepanation of a living person was discovered at Ashikli-Höyuk. After Ashikli Höyuk, another unusual find of trepanation in Anatolia was discovered during excavations in Van.

This particular find was unearthed during excavations of an early Iron Age necropolis in the village of Ichimli in the village of Uzuntekne in the Chatak region of Van.

nformation about the find was published on the social networks of the Department of Excavations and Research of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The trepanation find discovered during the rescue excavation of the early Iron Age necropolis, which began in 2016 under the chairmanship of the Van Museum and was carried out under the scientific advice of Dr. season in our excavation.

An extraordinary example of trepanation dating back to 3200 years from our rescue excavation conducted by YYU faculty members under the chairmanship of the Wang Museum…” declared as.


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