3000-year-old jewelry was found in Egypt

(ORDO NEWS) — Excavations in Egypt always captivate the world with their discoveries and findings. Jewels, household and hygiene items, mummies, perfumes and much more are presented in various museums.

During a joint archaeological mission, 3000-year-old jewelry was recently found in Egypt.

Excavations were carried out by Egyptian archaeologists together with British archaeologists in Tel-el-Amarn. The mission itself began in 2005 and is still ongoing.

So, for example, the remains of an ancient Egyptian woman were recently found and excavated there. She was buried with a huge amount of precious jewelry.

The body of the deceased was carefully wrapped in cloth and a mat. The examination showed that the mat was made of plants.

A gorgeous necklace in the shape of petals was seen around the woman’s neck, and there were gold rings on her fingers. Each ring is inlaid with steatites.

Archaeologists saw an image of Bas on one of the rings. At that time, he was considered the protector of the household and highly revered, like other gods.

Bas and his female counterpart Beset, according to the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, protected a woman during childbirth from evil spirits.

The tomb is small in size. It had a mine and a chamber where several remains belonging to other people were found.

Scientists say that residents of the ancient city of Amarna, which flourished in the distant 1346 BC, were buried in this necropolis.

This place was the capital of Egypt under Pharaoh Akhenaten (10th ruler of the Eighteenth Dynasty).

Surprisingly, the jewels lay in the ground for more than 3,000 years and were perfectly preserved.

Now they will be cataloged, restoration work will be carried out, they will be cleaned to a shine and placed in the museum for public viewing.

It is known that excavations will continue. Archaeologists are sure that many more finds await them in this necropolis.


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