3,000-year-old heated bed found in northern China

(ORDO NEWS) — The ruins of a heated kang dating back to the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC) have been found at the Zhaoyao excavations in Handan City, Hebei Province, according to the Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Xinhua News Agency reported on June 28. .

Kang, or heated peasant couch, is a living and sleeping platform with a heating system for residents of northern China, explained Wei Shuguang of the Archaeological Institute.

Since October 2021, 340 square meters have been excavated at the Zhaoyao site, partially revealing Shang Dynasty settlements. To date, the ruins of nine houses have been discovered at this site, and a heated kan has been found in house No. 5.

The excavations at the Zhaoyao site are of great importance for studying the layout of the settlements of the early Yangshao culture, which is considered an important source of Chinese civilization and is widely known for its advanced pottery technology.

According to Wei, it is also important for studying the cultural evolution in southern Hebei during the Xia (c. 2070-1600 BCE), Shang, and Zhou (1046-256 BCE) dynasties.

The Zhaoyao site is a key site for the protection of cultural relics in Hebei. It was excavated twice in 1960 and 1975.

The discovery of early Yangshao settlements, as well as high-profile residential sites and tombs from the Middle and Late Shang Dynasty, highlighted the site’s cultural significance.


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