3,000-year-old ancient settlements discovered in Oman

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeological research in the province of Qurayat in Oman has revealed numerous archaeological and historical settlements, some of which are over 3,000 years old.

Qurayat is located southeast of Muscat, the port capital of Oman, in an area stretching between the municipality of Al-Amerat and the Wilayat of Sur.

Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulhamid al-Hussein, chair of the department of archeology at Sultan Qaboos University’s (SQU) College of Arts and Social Sciences, who led the research team, said the current phase of the study is focused on the village of Al-Mazarei in the wilayat. Kurayat and its environs.

Archaeological evidence indicates that human settlement in the area began at least 3,000 years ago, during the Iron Age.

The research, in which Dr. Mohammed and his team take part, is part of a project to survey historical and archaeological sites that are in danger of disappearing.

According to experts, the buildings on some of these sites show a high degree of architectural development achieved by the builders during that period.

Some of these settlements included huge buildings with many square and rectangular stone houses.


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