300 amphoras of wine, oil and fish sauce were taken from an ancient Roman ship

(ORDO NEWS) — From the wreckage of an ancient Roman merchant ship off the Balearic Islands, they began to lift cargo. This is reported by The Guardian newspaper.

A Roman merchant ship sank about 1700 years ago. On board the ship were amphorae filled with wine, olives, olive oil and garum, a fermented fish sauce, a traditional Roman condiment.

Apparently, the ship was sailing from southwestern Spain to Italy, anchoring in the bay of Palma. The wreckage was named Ses Fontanelles.

Until now, the ship has remained intact, but now the Council of Mallorca and a number of Spanish scientists have begun to lift cargo from it.

The researchers managed to get about 300 amphoras, as well as many other valuable objects that can tell about ancient life. So, scientists found leather shoes, a cauldron, an oil lamp and a hand drill.

The ship itself, reaching 12 meters in length and 6 meters in width, was discovered in 2019 after a storm exposed the wreckage. Until that moment, among local divers there were only rumors about some kind of vessel.

Now scientists are trying to figure out how to raise the ship’s hull from the bottom, lying 50 meters from the coast.


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