30-year-old woman after a visit to the doctor found out that she is a man

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — For 9 years, a 30-year-old married Indian woman tried to get pregnant, but to no avail. Then she decided to see a doctor. The survey results were very stunning: a young couple needed even a psychologist.

Doctor Anupam Dutta found that the patient suffers from a rare Morris syndrome, when outwardly a person is of the same sex, and inwardly of the other. This syndrome should not be confused with psychological aspects: a patient at the genetic level has a male pair of XY chromosomes instead of XX.

The patient externally has all the signs of a woman: voice, developed breast, external genitalia. But, as it turned out, from birth she had no ovaries and uterus. For this reason, the Indian never had menstruation. Moreover, with a detailed analysis, testicles were found in her body, and on one of them – a malignant tumor. Due to cancer, the woman regularly felt abdominal pain.

The doctors performed an Indian biopsy, the tumor was removed. The patient is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Additionally, experts conduct interviews with spouses to convince them to stay together.

During the study of the patient’s family, it was determined that her 28-year-old sister had a similar diagnosis. Morris’s syndrome was also in two aunts of sisters. Thus, the problem is inherited in the family. Doctors concluded that the future generation of the family will also face it with a high degree of probability.

Now the woman’s life is not in danger, the only thing that worries her is her fate with this diagnosis.


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