30-year-old man dug a passage to the source to give water to his fellow villagers

(ORDO NEWS) — An Indian named Laungi devoted half of his life to a seemingly unrealizable dream of creating a canal through which water could enter the village. Few believed in the strength of a man, but now he is considered a hero.

Kolitwa village in Bihar state has no water source. Local residents were forced to drive the animals several kilometers to a source in the forest so that she could drink. Many could not stand it, so they left the settlement for better living conditions. Among them are the children of Launga.

In his 40s, the man, inspired by the story of the mountain man, started digging a canal. The history of the mountain man said that a man in 22 years was able to pave a path through the hill using only primitive tools.

The wife of our hero for all 30 years did not share her husband’s initiative. According to her, he was not worried about what to live on for the family, so she often left him hungry so that he realized the deplorableness of their financial situation. Nevertheless, no tears and screams convinced Laungy in the embodiment of his idea.

Today the villagers consider the 70-year-old man a hero, as he made their life much easier. People even gave the man a tractor. The Indian noted that with them he will be able to continue digging the channel.


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