3 taikonauts returned to Earth after a 6-month mission

(ORDO NEWS) — On Sunday, three Chinese taikonauts landed in the desert after six months of work to complete the construction of the Tiangong station.

The capsule carrying ship commander Chen Dong and taikonauts Liu Yang and Cai Xiuzhe landed at a landing site in northern China‘s Gobi Desert at around 8:10 pm local time, China Central Television reported.

Before departure, they crossed paths with their colleagues for almost five days, who arrived at the station on Wednesday as part of the Shenzhou-15 mission.

The taikonauts were removed from the capsule by medical personnel approximately 40 minutes after landing.

“I feel very fortunate to have witnessed the completion of the basic structure of the Chinese space station after six intense and eventful months in space,” said Chen, who first exited the capsule.

The three taikonauts were part of the Shenzhou 14 mission, which launched in June. After arriving on the Tiangong, Chen, Liu, and Cai oversaw five dockings with various spacecraft, including the delivery of the station’s third module.

They also performed three spacewalks, broadcast a science lecture live from the station, and conducted a number of experiments.


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