3 simple steps to make yourself less social media

(ORDO NEWS) — If it annoys you that you can’t go a day without scrolling the feed on social networks, then this material is for you. Here we talk about three very simple steps that will help reduce time on the Internet without breaking.

Getting rid of social networks is difficult, but sometimes necessary. We share simple tips on how you can do it painlessly

Modern people spend a lot of time on social networks: with their help we communicate, share impressions with each other and just have fun. However, the mechanisms on which social networks are based force people to spend a lot of time scrolling endlessly through the feed and recommendations.

Scientists have been studying the impact of social networks on human health for several years now. So in 2020, they found that if you increase the time spent on social networks by 2.5 times, the risk of developing depression within six months will almost triple. In addition, the amount of social media can affect our relationships with friends.

So it’s not surprising that people are starting to deliberately reduce their screen time by removing the hours spent on social networks from it. And since breaking habits can be too difficult, many attempts fail. In this situation, we share three simple recommendations that will help you abandon social networks without much harm to your well-being:

1- Start small

Of course, you can quit abruptly – tell yourself that from Monday you will definitely stop wasting time on social networks, but in fact you will not be ready for this. So the first step is to try the “demo version”. Set yourself a limit of one or two weeks during which you will not log into social networks. Delete the application from your devices, log out of your account and warn your friends not to send you anything interesting and contact you by phone or messenger if necessary.

When the “trial period” without social networks is over, observe your feelings and changes. Nothing catastrophic happened, and in addition it turned out that you actually have much more time? Fine! Keep up the good work and increase the duration of these breaks until you are ready to delete your account permanently.

2- Reduce the number of social networks

If you have an application on your phone and Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter, and TikTok, and YouTube, and WhatsApp, and even Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest or Reddit, then something needs to be done about it, otherwise you will never never stop browsing your feed. The second step on the road to social media freedom is to pick one or two apps that you really need for whatever reason, and delete the rest.

3- Alternative step

If you find that you are not yet psychologically ready to get rid of your addiction, and the first two steps are too much for you, use our third tip. Turn off all app notifications. You yourself know how easy it is to be distracted by a sudden notification with a flirtatious text – they are created specifically for this.

Also set clear time limits – the number of minutes or hours you can spend on social media. And in order not to accidentally get carried away, set an alarm clock – its signal will remind you that it’s time to wrap up until tomorrow.


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