3 most likely scenarios for the end of the world

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have named the three most likely scenarios for the end of the world. American cosmologist Katie Mack outlined the options for the apocalypse in the book “The End of Everything (from the point of view of astrophysics).”

The researcher compared the opinions of other scientists and came to the conclusion that the inevitable end of the world will happen in 200 billion years.

The first option assumes heat death, which will gradually develop somewhere over thousands of years. At the end, the Universe will disappear down to the smallest atoms, and the past and the future will merge into one whole.

The second version speaks of a “big gap” that will destroy the space-time tissue. Gravity will disappear, space bodies will move chaotically in space. A huge explosion awaits the Earth.

The third scenario is based on the hypothesis that the universe is composed of unstable matter. It can instantly disappear in a “quantum bubble”, and the inhabitants of the planet simply do not have time to understand what is happening to them.


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