$ 3 million for a cruise on a nuclear yacht

The ship designed to explore the sea will take on board tourists.

(ORDO NEWS) — Entrepreneur Aaron Oliver presented a yacht of a new type – with a nuclear installation on board and, as a result, with zero emissions. In 2015, Aaron dived in the Maldives and saw corals that had died as a result of ocean acidification. This forced him to reconsider his views: he paid attention to environmental problems and decided to contribute to the protection of the environment.

Aaron Oliver


“I started looking for opportunities to combine science, technology, adventure, research, education and entertainment in a new format”

He found like-minded people and investors. The ship that received the name Earth 300, was designed by a specialist at the British Royal Institute of Shipbuilding Ivan Salas Jefferson. The yacht is 300 meters long, 46 meters wide and 60 meters high.saline reactor and will be able to operate 300 days a year.

“This is a cruise ship size vessel, but it is not a cruise ship. It looks like a superyacht, but it is not a superyacht. In terms of technology, Earth 300 can compete with an aircraft carrier, but it is not an aircraft carrier. For scientific purposes, this sturdy and durable yacht may resemble an exploration vessel, but it is not an exploration vessel. It’s all taken together!”

On board will be equipped with a giant “science sphere”, 22 advanced laboratories with quantum computers, artificial intelligence, robotics and other cutting-edge technologies. The yacht has a capacity of 405: in addition to 165 crew members, 160 scientists from various disciplines, 20 students, 20 leading experts in the field of climate change impacts and 40 VIP guests will be invited.

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At the same time, only tourists will have to pay for a ticket: the cost of a 10-day cruise is estimated at $ 3 million. Thus, the project should become not only useful for science, but also profitable.

The search is currently under way for the construction of the world’s first nuclear yacht. Various shipyards in Europe and South Korea are being considered as options; the construction cost is estimated at $ 500-700 million. The first cruise is scheduled for 2025.


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