3.5 billion years ago: a meteorite fell on Mars, causing a powerful tsunami

(ORDO NEWS) — On Mars, there is a Lomonosov impact crater with a diameter of more than 150 kilometers, formed as a result of the fall of a large meteorite. French planetary scientists believe the fall occurred about 3.5 billion years ago.

Using numerous images regularly supplied by the NASA / JPL MRO orbiter, coupled with computer simulations, scientists have determined that a meteorite struck an ancient Martian ocean, causing a tsunami with a wave height of about 300 meters.

The distorted relief around the crater, stretching hundreds of kilometers in all directions, indicates the destructive effect of water masses. All this, naturally, led to the most serious consequences from which the Red Planet did not recover.

It is noteworthy that the core of the planet began to cool before the fall of this meteorite, and the magnetic field by that time was already very weak. It is possible that the future of Mars was predetermined long before the appearance of the Lomonosov crater, or that this tsunami became a “control shot”.


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