28 years ago, a monk predicted a virus that would infect more than half of the world’s population

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A few decades ago, in 1992, the monk Shi Xuanhua predicted an epidemic that would affect at least half of the world’s inhabitants.

The prediction was made on August 14 and 16. Then a man who is no longer with us said that the disease would be worse than AIDS. The monk urged the whole world to prepare for the fact that hospitals could be crowded.

The prediction noted that infection is possible through the usual handshake or even face-to-face conversation. The disease will kill not only ordinary people, but also health workers. Many people will die in torment.

According to the monk, nothing will help save humanity: masks will delay infection, but it will happen sooner or later. The air will be infected.

Shi Xuanhua called the epidemic worse than the atomic bomb. The virus will cover more than half of the world’s population, all continents will be affected. The disease will come abruptly, like a flood. Completely stopping it will be impossible.

The monk told people the future not to scare, but so that humanity could prepare. The monk named one reason for the epidemic – lack of faith in Buddha. Even those who profess Buddhism are supposedly negatively inclined towards the Buddha Laws. Such people destroy these Laws, as a result – disasters and unrest are increasingly appearing in the world.

Of course, the reason for the pandemic is far from the one that the monk called. However, the facts about the strain are quite consistent with reality. The monk himself was born on 04.16.1918 in Heilongjiang Province (formerly Jilin). Interestingly, after the death of 07/07/1995, the man’s body acquired a purple-gold color. In Buddhism, this is possible if a person has reached great heights in working on himself.


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