26 volcanoes erupting and hundreds of earthquakes are recorded

(ORDO NEWS) — Volcanic activity began to increase throughout the world. To date, 26 volcanoes erupt and 13 more show high levels of activity. In addition, a huge number of earthquakes were recorded near volcanoes or on their tops.

The ring of fire began to actively heat up. Earthquakes, which are recorded near or directly under the volcanoes themselves, indicate that the magma chamber begins to fill up or magma continues to move below the earth’s surface.

On July 13, the Popocatepetl volcano, which is located in Central Mexico, began to erupt. The eruption continues to this day. Authorities have warned that volcanic ash has risen up to 6 kilometers.

The Pacaya volcano, which is located in Guatemala, erupts quite strongly. Lava flows spread 150 meters in several directions from the volcano and remain active as before. Also in Guatemala, another volcano erupts – Fuego, which threw out a huge amount of volcanic ash.

Ecuador suffers from the Sangay volcano, where a plume of volcanic ash has risen to a height of almost 6 kilometers. Sabankaya erupts in Peru. The ash has risen 7.3 kilometers and is currently moving at a speed of 10 knots.

The Ring of Fire, experts say, is preparing for an incredibly violent explosion that may well lead to a real disaster. All people who live near the ring should prepare for the fact that their city can be destroyed at any time by lava flows or covered with a thick layer of volcanic ash.


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