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25 most absurd and curious lawsuits

25 most absurd and curious lawsuits

(ORDO NEWS) — Collected here are 25 short crime and court stories that seem too absurd to be true. Nevertheless, all these stories are real: the robber who tried to sue his victims, and the double of Michael Jordan, who demanded compensation for “causing moral harm”, and many other eccentrics who tried to sue each other for reasons of varying degrees of delusion:

Batman sues Batman
The mayor of Batman, a city in southeastern Turkey, is suing Warner Brothers for misusing his city’s name. “There is only one Batman in the world,” he says.

The owner of the store through the court demands a million dollars from the homeless
In 2007, the owner of the posh store Karl Kemp & Associates in Manhattan sued several homeless people for standing outside the store and scaring off customers.

A student is suing his school for being awakened by a teacher
The parents of a sixteen-year-old who fell asleep in class and was woken up by a teacher slapping his hand on the desk, started a lawsuit with the Connecticut State Education Board, arguing that after the aforementioned incident, their child’s hearing deteriorated.

Prisoner sues himself
In 1995, Virginia inmate Robert Brock demanded a transfer from prison to a mental hospital. He argued that his crime was contrary to his own moral principles and that he encroached on his own civil liberties. He filed a $ 5 million lawsuit against himself, but believes that the state should pay, since the defendant has no income.

PETA Sues Fish & Wildlife Service
On the way home from the protest, two members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) hit a deer in their car. They then notified the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Service department that they were going to sue them for their deer control program, which includes measures to increase the population of these animals. In other words, PETA employees were unhappy that there were too many deer, that “decent people” risked crashing into them.

Woman sues weather station for false forecast
The Israeli woman was suing the TV channel for inaccurate weather prediction. They promised it would be sunny, but it started raining. As a result, the woman dressed lightly and caught the flu. She won the trial and received $ 1,000 in compensation.

Woman sues McDonald’s for too hot coffee
In 1992, a 72-year-old woman from Albuquerque spilled McDonald’s coffee on her lap. She soon won a lawsuit against the company and received nearly three million dollars, proving they should have put a warning sign on the cup.

The man sues Michael Jordan for the external resemblance to himself
In 2006, Allan Heckard of Oregon filed a lawsuit against Michael Jordan and Phil Knight for moral trauma from his physical resemblance to Michael Jordan.

Robber sues his victims after being stuck in the garage of a robbed house
In October 1998, Pennsylvania’s Terrence Dixon tried to get out of a house he had just robbed. But here’s the bad luck – he could not get out of the garage, and for eight whole days, while the robbed family was away, he lived on the same Pepsi-Cola and dog food. Later, he successfully sued the robbed half a million dollars.

Woman sues after breaking ankle after tripping over toddler
Kathleen Robertson from Austin, Texas received $ 780,000 in court compensation after she tripped over a child rushing around the store at breakneck speed. The strangest thing about this story is that the child was her own son.

Pedestrian hit man sues for damaged bumper of his car
In January 2008, Spanish businessman Tomás Delgado sued the family of a boy who was hit and killed by his luxury car, seeking damages for a damaged front bumper.

Mother sues the company where her son started the shooting
Jonathan Russell came to work, shot three of his colleagues and committed suicide. Some time later, his mother tried to get compensation from the enterprise through the court, proving that her son’s death had occurred during working hours.

Man sues ex-wife to get his kidney back
Richard Batista saved his wife’s life by giving her one of his kidneys. Several years after the divorce, he demanded the return of his gift – either a kidney or $ 1.5 million.

Woman sues neighborhood girls for bringing her cookies
In 2005, two teenage girls decided to skip the school disco and surprise their neighbors with homemade cookies. Wanita Young sued them for knocking on the door allegedly provoking a panic attack. But of course she took the cookies.

Teen sues school for not getting excellent marks
Michigan State High School student Brian Delekta was completing an internship at his mother’s law office. She gave him an A + (five-plus in our opinion), the school changed his grade to just A, because this is the highest grade that the school recognizes. The boy won the lawsuit and his highest score was raised to nonexistent.

Music company sues musician for silence
The late John Cage’s music publishers sued Mike Batt in 2002. The fact is that there was a track on his album, during which you can only hear silence. Apparently, John also had such a track on the album and Mike was not aware that the silence was copyrighted.

Woman sues haunted house for being scary
In 2000, Clinty Peters filed a lawsuit against Universal Studios because one of their annual Halloween Horror Nights, the Haunted House, was too scary and was supposedly the cause of her emotional distress.

Man sues hospital for being allowed to rape a patient
After raping his patient in 2002, Edward Brewer sued Providence Hospital for not being deterred from doing so. Not surprisingly, his claim was dismissed.

The kidnapper sues his hostages for not helping him and not helping him escape from the police
In 2010, convicted criminal Jesse Dimmick filed a lawsuit against his former hostages for not helping him get away from the police. According to him, they did not fulfill the oral agreement, which was legally binding.

Bank of America client demanded compensation from the bank for poor service, which exceeds the total GDP of the Earth
Frustrated by the insufficiently efficient service of Bank of America employees, a certain Dalton Chiscolm filed a lawsuit for $ 1.7 billion. During the trial, I even had to call a professor of mathematics to explain the amount of this amount. To give readers some idea of ​​the figure, the total GDP of the Earth that year was $ 60 trillion. That is, 28 million times less than the requested amount.

American Recording Association sues late old lady for digital piracy
Since the turn of the millennium, the Recording Association of America has filed tens of thousands of private piracy lawsuits. Some of them are perfectly legal, and some are against people like poor old Gertrude Walton, who passed away at the age of 83. A year after her grandmother’s death, her family was sued. It is easy to guess that the old woman never touched a computer in her life.

A couple in love filed a lawsuit against a girl who sent an SMS to the driver who knocked them down on a motorcycle
Sounds silly, doesn’t it? So the judge decided the same way and dismissed the claim, since the girl could not be held responsible for the incident.

The guy sued the pharmacy for an overdose of Xanax, as a result of which he fell into a coma
In fact, he was not only suing the pharmacy. It was like this: Scott Simon from New Jersey bought Xanax at a local pharmacy. Later at a party, he overdosed and went into a coma. When he came to, he sued not only the pharmacy, but also all the other participants in the party, the host’s parents (who lived in another city and had never heard of the party, much less Xanax), as well as the manufacturer of the drug the Pfizer company.

Man Sues Walmart Supermarket For Killing His Wife In An Incident With A Low-Quality Grocery Bag
A Nebraska man recently sued Walmart after his wife’s allegedly defective grocery bag tore in a parking lot; a tin package fell on the woman’s leg, causing bleeding, which subsequently led to blood poisoning and ultimately the death of the woman.

Man sues Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for al-Qaeda affiliation
Jonathan Lee Richese claimed that somewhere in the mountains of West Virginia he stumbled upon popular rapper Kanye West and his wife, model Kim Kardashian, at an al-Qaeda secret training camp. They allegedly burned the American flag, trampled underfoot a photo of President Obama, and Kanye performed for all the terrorist students in training. He also stated that Kim Kardashian is currently the true leader of al-Qaeda.


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