2400-year-old cow bone with runic inscriptions found in Czech Republic

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeological excavations are taking place near the Czech village of Lana. Alena Slamova is in charge of the project and is studying archeology at Masaryk University in Brno. So she and her team were fortunate enough to find part of the rib bone of a cow. On the surface of the bone there were carved marks of man-made origin. It was this bone that became a real discovery for historians and archaeologists.

2400 year old cow bone with runic inscriptions found in Czech Republic 2

Reported by National Geographic.

Alena Slamova donated the bone fragment to the university for further study. The experts identified the markings as runic symbols. From the 2nd to the 7th centuries they were used for writing by the Germanic tribes.

7 runes of the Elder Futhark are carved on the bone (consists of 24 letters). Most likely, the entire alphabet was written on the full bone, but only a part has survived.

Radiocarbon testing has established the age of the artifact. Its origins date back to around 600 BC. And this is about 200 years earlier before the invention of the alphabet among the Slavs – the Glagolitic alphabet.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the inscriptions could have left here either Germanic tribes or Slavic tribes who studied the runic alphabet. And this means that people and Germanic and Slavic tribes periodically communicated with each other and perhaps even became friends.


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