23 years ago a new species of Spinosaurus was discovered in Portugal

(ORDO NEWS) — To date, paleontologists have found a huge number of dinosaur bones. Many of them have not been identified. Sometimes this can be done decades after the discovery.

So it happened this time: in 1999, bones were found in Portugal, which were identified as the remains of Baryonyx walkeri.

Baryonyx is a spinosaurus that lived 130 – 125 million years ago. But recent studies show that the classification turned out to be erroneous, and 23 years ago a new species of dinosaurs was found in Portugal.

23 years ago A new species of Spinosaurus was discovered in Portugal                        Reconstruction of the skeleton with a demonstration of bone fragments found in Portugal

Interesting about the find

Spinosaurus are dinosaurs from the theropod family. They were one of the largest predators that walked on the surface of our planet.

Among other animals, they were distinguished by adaptation to water. Spinosaurus probably spent most of their lives in rivers and lakes. Even their mouth resembles the jaws of crocodiles.

Fossilized bones found in Portugal in 1999 were fragments of the spine, ribs, teeth, jaws, right shoulder blade and other parts of the skeleton.

Then the scientists decided that Baryonyx walkeri was in front of them. But now researchers are convinced that this is not the case.

The new thorough research has concentrated on a fragment of the lower jaw. It turned out that it was straight, and not curved, as in other Spinosaurus.

A unique bony crest and muscular protrusions were also found that are absent from Baryonyx. The animal had a length of about 9 meters and lived 125 million years ago.

The difference from other Spinosaurus allowed us to assert that the bones belong to a new species, called Iberospinus natarioi. Iberospinus occupies an intermediate position between the dinosaurs Tetanurae and Spinosauridae.


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