2020 will be decisive in the history of mankind

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Even Nostradamus believed that the year 2020 will be a turning point in the entire history of human civilization. He said a new era would begin with terrible natural disasters. It can be various catastrophes, destructive natural phenomena, wars or deaths of entire monarchist dynasties. The legendary seer Wang spoke of the same changes. She argued that 2020 will be crucial for all of humanity. Many world rulers will face a serious choice. And the future of their own powers will depend on their choice.

Wrong choice will lead to fall and collapse, but the right one will give hope and love to the people. According to many sources, Wang saw a coronavirus pandemic in her visions. She said that “the disease will come from the yellow,” but not from hepatitis patients, but from representatives of the Celestial Empire. Now every layman understands how these mysterious prophets were right.

However, in the predictions, not only famous personalities of the past were distinguished. At the end of 2019, one of the little-known astrologers named Natalia performed at the White Clouds cultural center. There she told the public that the next year would seem very scary and severe for many people. According to her, an entirely new era is coming in the history of the human race. Rulers will be replaced, a terrible disease will come out of nowhere, many people will die and many planes will be destroyed.

The world will turn over in the truest sense of the word. Nevertheless, the year will end with the absolute victory of mankind and overcoming all difficulties. Many representatives of the “White Clouds” found such predictions for everyday speculation. After all, not everyone in Russia trusts astrological forecasts. We are full of atheists and those who consider any esoteric manifestation of schizophrenia. But still, Natalia’s predictions came true, and many even one hundred percent. From this it is worth concluding that special people in our world do exist. And do not equate them all with charlatans.

However, charlatans also intensified. Some began to simply copy the forecasts of experienced astrologers and pass them off as their own. Others last year declared about 2020 as the year of Bright and Rainbow changes. There were those who, as always, argued about good luck and luck for some of the signs of the zodiac. From all this it is worth making certain conclusions. Most astrological predictions are a common tale for attracting money. But some forecasts still come true.

Therefore, you need to trust only the most experienced astrologers or those who do not boast of their own knowledge. You should not even turn to famous media personalities, as they often turn out to be the same lovers of profit.


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