2000-year-old children’s shoes found in a salt mine

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(ORDO NEWS) — In Austria, during archaeological excavations in a salt mine, children’s shoes from the Iron Age were found, which were perfectly preserved. Excavations were carried out in Durnberg, not far from the historic city of Hallein. This is reported by Arkeonews.

The shoes were made of leather. It was well preserved thanks to the preservative effect of salt. The length of the foot of the person who wore these shoes was 32 cm. The shoes had cutouts for lacing.

“For decades, our research activities in Dürnberg have repeatedly provided us with valuable findings for the scientific development of the oldest mining operations. The found shoe is in excellent condition,” Professor Thomas Stollne commented on the find.

According to him, organic materials usually decompose over time. However, due to the fact that these shoes were lying in a salt cave, they were well preserved. 

The professor also claims that this find will allow scientists to get an extremely rare insight into the lives of Iron Age cavemen.

During the excavations, a fragment of a wooden shovel and the remains of fur with lacing were also found. Perhaps the latter was part of a fur hood.


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