2 strong magnetic storms will hit the Earth in February

(ORDO NEWS) — In February 2022, two fairly strong magnetic storms will occur at once.They will affect the well-being of many people around the world.

The main symptoms of the influence of magnetic storms include weakness and low performance, as well as headaches.

FIAN provided data that the first red-level magnetic storm will occur on February 4. After that, it will be possible to rest a little and prepare for the next blow, which will happen on the 11th.

At the same time, experts note that the magnetosphere will remain very excited not only on February 10, but also on February 12.

A geomagnetic storm is a disruption that occurs in the planet’s magnetosphere. The reason for this is too active exchange of solar wind energy with outer space around our planet.

The duration of such a storm can be anything. Sometimes it lasts only a couple of hours, and sometimes it can disturb the inhabitants of the Earth for several days.

Magnetic storms can cause problems in the operation of equipment. In addition, weather-dependent people begin to feel bad.

The risk group also includes the elderly and those who have chronic diseases, unstable mentality.

Therefore, on dangerous days, it is necessary to be as careful as possible, not to overload yourself physically and mentally, and also to always have the necessary medicines on hand.

It is also worth postponing all important matters and spending more time on rest, taking a walk in the fresh air, doing a little exercise, drinking hot tea. It is advisable not to drink alcohol at this time and monitor your diet.


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