2 bloodthirsty killer whales have been killing white sharks and eating their liver for 5 years

(ORDO NEWS) — For the past five years, a pair of killer whales has been terrorizing great white shark communities off the coast of South Africa.

Since 2017, the deadly duo have killed at least eight sharks by tearing them apart and eating their livers.

A pair of killer whales have killed at least 8 great white sharks off the coast of South Africa

According to an article published in the African Journal of Marine Science , white sharks ( Carcharodon carcharias ) used to dominate areas of the Gansbai coast, about 100 kilometers east of Cape Town, but have begun to avoid these areas in recent years. This is probably due to the massacres of sharks.

Since 2017, eight great white sharks have washed up on the beaches in Gansbai. According to researchers who analyzed the wounds on the bodies of animals and tracked the movement of sharks, two killer whales committed the murders.

These two bloodthirsty killers used to tear the sharks apart, eat their livers (in all but one case), and sometimes even eat their hearts.

What’s going on with the sharks?

Scientists tracked the sharks and found that they were probably very scared. After 2017, many of them sailed hundreds of kilometers away from Gansbai.

Despite their intimidating appearance, white sharks are an extremely vulnerable species that find it difficult to adapt to new conditions.

The researchers say that the massive migration of sharks has already affected the local ecosystem. For example, the narrowtooth shark ( Carcharhinus brachyurus ), a mid-range predator, has moved closer to the Gansbay to fill a niche previously occupied by great whites.

Changes in the food chain, according to scientists, could affect some endangered species. So without white sharks, no one will restrain the reproduction of fur seals, and this can lead to the extinction of African penguins.


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