1900-year-old figurine similar to Mark Zuckerberg found in Britain

(ORDO NEWS) — In the UK, they found an interesting figurine with facial features similar to Mark Zuckerberg. Scientists believe that the find may have been some kind of deity among the ancient people.

The find was made in East Anglia, at the Wimpole estate. According to some estimates, the figurine is approximately 1900 years old. The copper statue is 2 inches high.

After the restoration, it turned out that the sculptor of that time made the figurine a fashionable haircut, which Mark Zuckerberg, Cristiano Ronaldo, Brad Pitt and others wore at different times. In the hands of the figurine, the grivna is an ornament, which in Great Britain was called torque.

According to experts, the sculptor depicted the god of fertility. He could decorate the handle of a shovel, which was used for mixing potions or wax covering writing tablets.

In the Iron Age, the territories of the country, which finally freed itself from the influence of the Roman Empire, were quickly populated by peoples. People managed to grow grain and barley on land with a high clay content. They also came up with a potter’s wheel with a lathe. In total during the Iron Age there were about 3 thousand settlements.


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