19-year-old hacker fighter found a way to remotely control Tesla electric vehicles

(ORDO NEWS) — A 19-year-old cybersecurity specialist from Germany has discovered a vulnerability that gives remote access to Tesla electric vehicles.

So you can track the location of cars, take control of windows, doors, headlights and audio. Fortunately, driving in this mode is impossible.

It is reported that a cybersecurity specialist conducted an audit of Tesla commissioned by a certain French company. Then he discovered a serious vulnerability in the software of electric cars.

Since the specialist could not warn car owners personally about the danger, he spoke about the find on Twitter. Through the vulnerability, the expert was able to gain access to 25 cars.

The man claims that the vulnerability is associated with open source software that collects data on the activity of electric cars.

Its name is not revealed. In particular, the specialist was able to turn on music, a sound signal and headlights in someone else’s car through a “security hole”, open windows or doors, disable the security mode and track the exact location. It is not possible to press the gas or brake remotely.


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