19-year-old guy visited hell and told what was happening there

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Once, at the beginning of the 20th century, a 19-year-old Li Shu from the Middle Kingdom dreamed of a man who proposed a case to a young man.

The young man agreed. A few days later, in a new dream, a stranger who came in a dream took Li Shu to the underworld in a chariot, where the hero of the story was supposed to consider the affairs of criminals.

From that moment on, every night for several hours, Li Shu delivered verdicts regarding certain cases. The work was very difficult: after waking up, the young man felt very tired.

According to the story, the afterlife also has day and night, as well as 4 seasons. Interestingly, the summer there is not as hot as ours, but the winter is colder. For the holidays in the underworld they make the weekend.

The verdict was issued to criminals solely on whether a good person or not. A light of a certain color always burned over each person who came. If he was red, white or yellow, then the person was not bad.

The punishment is determined solely from the motive of the act. Interestingly, the punishments in the underworld are repeated several times, in contrast to the living world. So, if a person has committed 10 crimes, he will suffer 10 times, performing this or that work.

Then rebirth will follow, in the new lives of a person the crime that he committed is waiting for. For example, if a person was killed 5 times, then he will be killed in five lives.

In the underworld, torture is terrible: people are sawed, thrown into a tub with boiling oil, etc. They are especially cruel to those who led a dissolute lifestyle and killed.

Reincarnation may not happen only if it is provided for by karma. If a person has chosen the path of self-improvement, then after death he enters the kingdom of heaven. The name of such a person is not in the list of the afterlife, therefore, no punishment or rebirth is provided.


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