155 people died, 129 were injured as a result of Storm Nalji in the Philippines

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(ORDO NEWS) — Tropical storm Nalji hit the Philippines, affecting more than 4.23 million people. The storm killed 155 people, according to the National Disaster Management and Prevention Council.

Currently, more than a million local residents are in 1038 evacuation centers. More than 355.4 thousand people left their homes in advance. At least 129 people received injuries of varying severity, 34 are missing.

In 13 regions of the country, more than one and a half thousand incidents related to the impact of the elements were recorded. Among them are landslides and floods, RIA Novosti reports.

The storm damaged 29.4 thousand houses, destroyed more than 3 thousand. Damage is estimated at 4.17 billion pesos ($71.37 million). Authorities report damage to 503 roads and 199 bridges.

In 359 cities, problems with power supply were recorded, but in 252 they have already been resolved. Currently, 38 municipalities are experiencing problems with communications, 11 with water supply.

Classes were suspended in 666 educational institutions and work at 223 enterprises. Authorities in 520 cities have declared a state of emergency.

The government has already allocated 159.7 million pesos ($2.73 million) to help the victims.

In anticipation of tropical storm Nalji moving to the northern Philippines, thousands of people were evacuated in advance from areas where floods and landslides occur.

On October 30, the storm left the island of Luzon, and on the afternoon of October 31, the area of ​​Philippine responsibility. An average of 20 storms and typhoons hit the Philippines every year.


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