1500-year-old mosaic found in Turkey depicting dancing

(ORDO NEWS) — During excavations in southeastern Turkey, archaeologists unearthed a 50-square-meter mosaic. There you can see women dancing and having fun to the music.

Excavations are taking place in the Turkish province of Kahramanmarash. Archaeologists have discovered the remains of architectural structures dating back about 1500 years, as well as ancient baths and mosaics.

The scene before the hunt

The 50 square meter mosaic probably depicts a scene before a hunt. The people in the picture are feasting. Special attention is attracted by 3 dancing women.

1500 year old mosaic found in Turkey depicting dancing 2                                                                                Mosaic depicts a scene before a hunt

Archaeologists believe that the mosaic is part of a panel of 3 hunting scenes. 2 of these panels have already been found in 2015.

In total, 20 mosaics were found on the territory of Kahramanmaras, connected with the life of the local elite and military leaders in Roman villas.

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History of the city

Archaeologists have been exploring the ruins of the ancient city since 2007. Then it was accidentally discovered during illegal excavations.

The territory of the city is 140 hectares. The ancient settlement changed hands many times: it was owned by the Hittites, Urartians, Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians and Seleucid kings.

1500 year old mosaic found in Turkey depicting dancing 3                                                                The attention of scientists was attracted by dancing women

Subsequently, the Romans conquered the city and named it Caesar Germanicus in honor of Emperor Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus.

The city eventually came under Arab control in 645. The new rulers christened the city of Marash. It was destroyed several times during the Crusades.

However, the history of the city finally ended 1500 years ago – it was buried under the ground by strong landslides.


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