1500-year-old Mayan city discovered in Belize

(ORDO NEWS) — An international team of archaeologists has unearthed the remains of a Mayan settlement located in the heart of present-day Belize. According to experts, the age of this city is at least 1500 years.

According to Heritage Daily, the ruins are located on the territory of a farming settlement of the Mennonite community.

Only recently the owners of these lands allowed archaeologists to study the ruins. Judging by the description, the remains of the Mayan houses are still preserved, which today look like white mounds.

The settlement was dated on the basis of pottery found inside the houses. Artifacts date back to the early classic Maya period (AD 250-600).

This period is marked by the peak of large-scale construction and urbanism. The found city, according to experts, is a vivid example of the significant development of the Mayan civilization in that historical period of time.

As the researchers write, all the buildings found have plastered floors. In each house, a collection of household vessels for cooking and storing food was discovered. Several buildings contained agricultural tools made of flint and tools for making cornmeal.

Also, archaeologists have discovered areas intended for breeding and keeping domestic animals. One of the excavated buildings, judging by its characteristic features, was public.

Probably, it could be a temple or other ceremonial structure. This building was built from the same type of stones and covered with white limestone plaster.

Inside it, 15 flint fragments were found. This suggests that offerings were made as a gift to the gods in the building.

One of the traditions of that time was the donation of tools and tools, specially split into small fragments during a ritual ceremony. The fragments were then collected and placed in a special cache.

In addition, archaeologists discovered a large platform, which is now also a hill. The study showed that there were four large buildings on the platform. Perhaps it was intended exclusively for the homes of the elite of society.


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