1500 year old feathered arrow found in Norway

(ORDO NEWS) — Due to the fact that ice sheets began to melt in Norway, archaeologists were able to discover a huge number of ancient arrows. They have been preserved in a very good condition and can provide a lot of interesting information.

A lot of arrows were found around the mountains of Yutunheimen, surrounded by ice patches. These mountains are located in the southern part of Norway.

The most important discovery was a unique find, the age of which reaches almost 1500 years. Archaeologists have found an arrow made in the Iron Age.

The researchers were extremely surprised that the arrow was preserved in excellent condition. The pointed iron tip, twine and even feathers remained almost in their original state.

It seems that the arrow was lost not so long ago. The string that is on the front tip of the blade was still securely fastened. It was needed in order to reduce the risk of breakage during contact.

At the site where the research was being done, this was not the only unique arrow. 7 more arrows were also found.

One of them was found in a pond filled with melt water. According to preliminary estimates, this arrow was made in the Stone Age, and its age reaches 4000 years.


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