$15 million gold cube installed in New York’s Central Park

(ORDO NEWS) — A 186-kilogram cube of gold was installed in the center of New York’s Central Park.

The shiny cube is on display on snow-covered ground with heavy guards to prevent anyone from trying to steal it. This installation is the result of the work of the German artist Niklas Castello.

All sides of the cube measure 45 cm. The cube is not for sale, but unlike most works of art, its value is easy to estimate. Despite its weight, it is hollow – only 63 millimeters thick.

If melted down and sold on the commodity market, the cube would be worth $15.1 million.

In parallel with the exhibition of his cube, Castello launched his own cryptocurrency, called Castello Coin (“Castello coin”). Cryptocurrency is already being sold at 70 cents per unit.


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