1400-year-old gold coins were found in Israel

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(ORDO NEWS) — Ancient gold coins were found during excavations in Israel. It turned out that this money is 1400 years old.

The gold coins were found in a cache that was spotted in the wall. Artifacts from the Byzantine era turned out to be a very valuable find.

Most likely, someone tried to hide the coins. They often made hiding places in the walls. At the same time, the Muslims tried to regain power and take away the territories where Heraklius ruled.

So, 44 ​​pure gold coins were found in the hiding place. Portraits of the emperors Phokas and Heraclius were depicted on them. They ruled in the first half of the 7th century. Archaeologists are sure that the coins date back to 635.

The artifacts were found in the ancient city of Banias. Today it is part of the Hermon Stream nature reserve in the Golan Heights.

Israel occupied these territories in 1967 during the Six-Day War. Before that, the land here was under the rule of the Syrians.

And this find gives an opportunity to have more insight into a specific time period. The main leader of the excavation, Yoav Lerer, is sure that, most likely, the property was hidden in the wall by its owner.

He was afraid that due to the threat of war, his wealth could be taken away. To prevent this from happening, the man made a hiding place.

The images on all coins are different. For example, in the first years of the reign of Heraclius, only his portrait was minted on money. After some time, images of his sons were also added.

In addition to money, other artifacts were also found during excavations. For example, scientists discovered the remains of buildings, a kiln for firing clay, glass shards, and the remains of ceramic products.

Everything has been preserved very well to this day. Such finds indicate that life flourished in Banias, many artisans and craftsmen lived there, and trade was developed.


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