140-year-old bird found extinct

(ORDO NEWS) — The research team has rediscovered a bird that had been considered extinct for 140 years. This is reported by the magazine Audubon.

As specified, the expedition was carried out as part of the Search for Lost Birds project, which was the result of a collaboration between BirdLife International, Rewild and the American Bird Conservancy.

The purpose of the association is to rediscover more than 150 species of birds that have not been declared extinct, but also have not been seen for at least ten years.

A rare black-haired pheasant (Otidiphaps insularis) was discovered on Fergusson Island (it is endemic, that is, it lives only in this region), off the east coast of Papua New Guinea. The area of ​​the island is about 1500 square kilometers.

Scientists placed camera traps around the territory, and one was placed on the crest of a mountain at an altitude of 975 meters above sea level, in an area covered with dense vegetation.

Experts believed that this was not the best place, but a hunter in a local village said that it was there that he last heard the cry of an animal, very similar in description to that emitted by pheasants-pigeons.

Some time later, the researchers found two representatives on camera records at once, which were recorded by a camera trap at a distance of several kilometers from each other.

Now Search for Lost Birds is calling for the necessary action to be taken to protect the endangered bird. Although Fergusson is an undeveloped island, logging operations sponsored by international corporations can pose a significant threat to native species.

In addition, introduced predators, such as wild cats, can destroy both the pigeon pheasant and other endemic animals.


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