13 countries in Europe that weaken quarantine

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Countries around the world are starting to ease restrictions on self-isolation and quarantine as the spread of coronavirus slows and the number of infected people decreases.

Relief is also observed in our country, but the situation is different in each region, so it’s rather difficult to talk about the whole country. The most difficult from the point of view of the spread of the virus remains the situation in Moscow, where the largest number of infected were detected.

Nevertheless, in the capital, they plan to relax the regime of self-isolation.

Below we will talk about European countries that are gradually lifting restrictions.

1. Germany

Germany is gradually lifting restrictions, despite a slight increase in the number of infected.

Beginning May 4, hairdressers, playgrounds and churches, as well as museums and exhibitions, are open in the country. In addition, from the middle of the month, some schools, as well as restaurants, are open in the country.

Volkswagen has opened the largest plants.

At the same time, the country’s authorities warn their citizens not to travel to other countries and, if possible, not to leave the house once again.

2. Spain

About 30% of Spanish small businesses have begun work. Half of the country also began to lift restrictive measures. Nevertheless, the largest cities – Madrid and Barcelona – still maintain a self-isolation regime, which will be extended until at least May 25. Employees of a number of enterprises, in particular industrial and construction, went to work.

3. Italy

Beginning May 4, bars and restaurants were opened in Italy. In addition, construction sites and factories were opened. Museums, libraries and shops are gradually opening.

In addition, hairdressers and beauty salons are gradually opening in the country. Starting June 3, the country will begin to let in foreign tourists, but at first it can only be citizens of EU countries.

Major sporting events, schools, universities, museums and cultural centers, as well as swimming pools and spas, have been closed since March.

4. UK

Britain announced the introduction of a self-isolation regime on March 23.

Starting May 13, citizens of the country can go in for sports outside the home, and can also leave the house for leisure.

Elementary schools will not open until June 1, and some stores will not be open until the same time.

However, institutions such as pubs, restaurants, theaters and bars will be closed until at least July.

5. Lithuania

Shops, outdoor restaurants, shopping centers are already open. In the capital, Vilnius, restaurants will operate in the open air with mandatory observance of distance measures.

It opened 18 public places for restaurants, which will be open in the summer. More than 160 restaurant owners have already applied for the possibility of using this space.

On April 27, hairdressers, beauty salons, museums and libraries began to work.

6. Hungary

The country also began to ease restrictions.

Coffee houses, restaurants, hotels will gradually open during May.

7. Belgium

On May 11, shops were opened in Belgium, and schools were gradually opening.

Despite the opening of schools, they have limitations, in particular, distance measures have been introduced, and the number of classes is limited. Restaurants will begin work on June 8th.

In addition, people over 12 years old must wear masks in public transport, but the government asks to wear masks for all citizens, regardless of age. In addition, the government promised to provide free masks to all residents of the country.

In addition, enterprises are opened, and people are allowed to gather on the street in groups of up to three people, subject to the rules of distance.

8. Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, citizens are allowed to gather on the street in groups of up to 10 people. In addition, they can make foreign trips. Universities were opened on April 27. In addition, shops, libraries and fitness centers were opened.

Hairdressers, beauty salons, restaurants, beer bars are gradually opening, and after May 25, restaurants, theaters and hotels will open.

9. France

Starting May 11, stores open in the country. However, restaurant bars remain closed. The government plans to test 700 thousand people a week, as well as provide all citizens of the country with masks.

Citizens of the country can now leave their homes without special passes, with the exception of residents of the suburbs of Paris who move during rush hours.

10. Poland

Hotels, sports fields and shopping centers are gradually opening. Libraries, art galleries and museums begin work, but so far their time is limited. Preschools for children are also gradually opening.

Starting April 20, residents of the country are free to visit national parks and forests.

11. Ireland

On May 18, Ireland began a gradual weakening of self-isolation measures.

Many shops were opened, residents of the country were allowed to meet friends outside the house, provided that they maintained a distance of 2 meters.

12. Norway

Starting April 20, kindergartens were opened in the country. However, many residents of the country continue to work from home, and major events were postponed until at least June 15th.

Small businesses are also gradually resuming work, including hairdressers and beauty salons. However, travel restrictions will continue until at least August 20.

13. Denmark

Denmark introduced a self-isolation regime on March 11th. Currently, some schools and small businesses are opening in the country.

Starting May 11, restaurants, cafes and shopping centers will open in the country. Students can again attend classes at school.


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