128-year-old African woman revealed the secret of her longevity

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of South Africa, namely the North-Western province, celebrated her next birthday. She is already 128 years old. The woman decided to share with everyone her secret of such a long, active and happy life.

Joanna Mazibuko was born on a corn farm on May 11, 1894. She was the eldest child in the family. In total, her parents had 12 children. To this day, in addition to Joanna, three more of her brothers and sisters are alive.

A resident of South Africa believes that she was able to live to such a venerable age due to the fact that her diet contained a lot of fresh milk and wild spinach.

This is her main secret to longevity. At the same time, the woman notes that today her diet has changed quite a lot.

Mazibuko shared her memories of living on a huge farm in the old days. The long-liver even told a very entertaining story about how the locust invasion happened.

She was easy to catch. Therefore, the children caught the insects and then roasted them. Mazibuko noted that they gave the impression that they were eating real meat.

The African woman spoke about the fact that she became the wife of the widower Stavan Mazibuk. At the same time, the woman added that she could no longer even remember how old she was when she got married.

During their marriage, seven children were born. Then the couple became happy grandparents, because they had 50 grandchildren, and then great-grandchildren.

After her husband died, Joanna began to earn her living on her own. She did a variety of housework for those who owned large farms.

She could iron clothes or clean the house. Starting in 2001, Mazibuko began to need a carer, so she lives with her until today. For 20 years of marriage, a fairly strong bond has formed between women.

For her 128th birthday, the authorities gave Joanna a sofa. In addition, the mayor of Matlosana, James Tsolela, noted that every effort should be made so that the centenarian could still get into the Guinness Book of Records.


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