12,000 people can live in a new floating city in South Korea

(ORDO NEWS) — First unveiled in 2019, the Oceanix Busan project is already on its way from paper to the real world. Knowing the Koreans, they will definitely bring this project to the end and build a floating city.

This city will soon begin to be built – it can become a new wonder of the world and an example of the likely ecological future that awaits us

Numerous firms and organizations have joined forces to develop and attempt to bring this ambitious project to life.

According to the original idea, it should be a floating city right on the coast of Busan, the largest Korean metropolis after Seoul.

The city will consist of three main floating island platforms that will connect to the nearby shore. It is expected to accommodate up to 12,000 people and the platforms will house housing, social areas with bars and cafes, and research areas.

The floating city prototype could have the potential to grow to 20 islands and thus be able to accommodate even more people.

What will be the floating city in Korea

The island city’s buildings will be constructed mostly from sustainably sourced timber and positioned to maximize passive ventilation.

All of them will be fully powered by photovoltaic panels. The city also plans to install greenhouses in which food will be grown and water consumption will be kept to a minimum.

12000 people can live in a new floating city in South Korea 2

At present, Oceanix, which owns the idea for the entire floating city, has not disclosed the status of the project, but according to The Independent, construction should begin as early as 2023.

This is certainly a very ambitious project and it will be interesting to see how quickly it comes to fruition.


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