1200 year old Viking sword found in Norway

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(ORDO NEWS) — A treasure hunter from Norway made a minor but incredibly important discovery last year. He found a small piece of metal.

At first glance, it seemed that this find is of no value. This piece of metal was discovered on a farm located on the west coast of Norway.

Only recently it was possible to find out how valuable the fragment is. Another lover of treasure hunting found a more valuable find – a fairly massive sword, decorated with jewels.

Then the experts managed to establish that in fact the two finds are interconnected and with their help one artifact can be collected.

Archaeologist Ann Zanett Glorstad from the University of Oslo in Norway said that the sword was put together like a puzzle. It is considered the most massive sword that dates back to the Viking Age.

To date, experts have been able to fully restore only the hilt, but this can already demonstrate how much work was done when this ancient sword was created.

“To see absolutely all the details of the sword is not yet possible.

Despite this, it can be said that the decor of the handle consists of various elements of the animal style, which was characteristic of the late Iron Age.

In addition, there are a variety of geometric shapes for which silver and a special niello jewelry technique were used,” the researchers say.

According to preliminary data, the age of the sword reaches 1200 years. It can combine almost 20 similar artifacts that have been found in Norway. At the same time, some of the finds were imported.

It is interesting that the sword came to the homeland of the Vikings from a completely different place – from England or the Frankish state.

Previously, the same swords were found throughout Europe. For example, most recently an artifact was discovered in a 9th century tomb located on the Scottish island of Egg.

So far, researchers cannot tell what exactly the origin of the sword is, although there are already several assumptions. Most likely, the artifact belonged to a person with a high social status.


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