120 meters tsunami may fall on the US

(ORDO NEWS) — The specialist warned that the US coast could be flooded with huge waves, which will arise as a result of the impact of the asteroid, which NASA is currently observing. In this case, the height of the waves can reach more than 120 meters if the asteroid falls into the Atlantic Ocean.

Asteroid 29075 1950 is an object 1 kilometer wide. This object is classified as potentially hazardous. Today, experts are monitoring him in order to foresee a possible impact on the planet.

In 2002, NASA experts calculated the probability of a collision to be 0.33%. After that, they tried to simulate the consequences of a possible asteroid impact. The closest near-Earth object will be near our planet in March 2880. Of course, the probability of an asteroid hitting the Earth is very small, but if this happens, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Stephen Ward, who conducted this study, said that if an asteroid falls into the Atlantic Ocean, it will provoke the appearance of waves up to 120 meters high. The problem can be solved with an incredibly strong explosion that can destroy a space object. If the power of the explosion is 60 thousand megatons, then it will destroy the asteroid and form a depression in the ocean floor. In this case, the water will return back to fill the impact site and not flood the Atlantic coast of the United States.

Experts added that at the moment there is no reason for panic, because the probability of a collision is negligible, but you still need to be prepared for any development of events in the future.


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