12 people spread rumors about the dangers of vaccines from COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — Anti-vaccination – this is the name of the new trend, which in every possible way opposes those who want to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Recently it was found out that 12 people are at the head of this trend. It is they who spread rumors about the dangers of vaccines, link the process of immunization with the chipping of humanity.

Naturally, such misinformation endangers the lives of thousands of people.

Before questioning conspiracy theories, scientists decided to study them. To do this, they got acquainted with the posts on social networks. It turned out that not so many famous people believe that the coronavirus vaccine can harm humanity.

Anti-vaccine propaganda is carried out by 12 people, some of them have their own organizations. Approximately 65% ​​of all false information about immunization belongs to these accounts.

To find out, a group of scientists read over 812,000 posts on Facebook and Twitter. The research was carried out by the Center for Countering Digital Hatred and the Anti-Vax organization.

Today, more than 59 million people support anti-vaccination around the world. The “dozen of disinformation” includes such people: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Kevin Jenkins, Ben Tupper, Joseph Mercol and others.

To prohibit people from expressing their opinion, especially if no one is able to these influential persons. But spreading misinformation and urging people to stop vaccinating could lead to arrest and jail time.


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