12 European countries with the most expensive gasoline

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In recent months, the situation in the oil market can be called extremely difficult. The market is in a state of shock, and the price of key brands of oil worldwide fell to record low levels.

A number of factors played a role – this is the price war that Saudi Arabia declared at the beginning of the year, this is the negotiations around the OPEC + deal, which began on May 1, this is the situation associated with the coronavirus epidemic in many countries of the world.

Undoubtedly, the situation around oil could not but affect the gasoline market and its prices.

Below we will talk about European countries with the highest gas prices. Data is published according to price information for AI-95 at the beginning of May 2020.

1. The Netherlands

The Netherlands has become a leader in terms of gas prices, here 1 liter of AI-95 gasoline costs $ 1.59. Despite the fact that the Netherlands has the highest gas prices, it is noted that there are also very high incomes of the population. Thus, in terms of the ratio of fuel costs and income, the country is not among the countries with expensive gasoline.

2. Malta

In second place was Malta. Here you have to pay 1.54 dollars per liter of gasoline. Malta’s main industry is tourism, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic. The incomes of the population have significantly decreased, which means that many do not have the opportunity to pay a high price for gasoline.

3. Italy

The third line in the ranking of countries with the most expensive gasoline is Italy. Here, the cost of one liter is 1.50 dollars. Italy found itself in a very serious crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. A large number of infected, strict quarantine and self-isolation measures – all this hit the country’s economy.

4. Albania, Monaco

In fourth place were two countries at once – Albania and Monaco. In both countries, a liter of gasoline costs $ 1.49. These are not the richest European countries, which also found themselves in a state of crisis due to the coronavirus epidemic.

5. Greece

In fifth place is Greece. In this country, a liter of AI-95 gasoline can be bought for 1.44 dollars. Greece is a country that is moving from one crisis to another, and the country’s economy can not fully recover. Since tourism plays an important role in the Greek economy, the coronavirus epidemic has virtually destroyed this industry, depriving the country of many tourists.

6. Norway, San Marino, Iceland

Three countries immediately occupy the sixth place, the cost of a liter of gasoline in which is 1.43 dollars. These are Norway, San Marino and Iceland.

Norway is the largest oil and gas producer in Northern Europe. However, the country is also among the countries with the most expensive gasoline in Europe. At the same time, the country exports a significant portion of its oil.

7. Denmark, Switzerland, Finland

The seventh line of the ranking is also occupied by three countries – Denmark, Switzerland and Finland. Here, a liter of AI-95 gasoline costs $ 1.38.

Denmark and Switzerland are among the most favorable countries for life. At the same time, the Swiss cities of Zurich, Geneva are among the most expensive cities for life. And Finland even held a leading position among the best countries for life.


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