12/22/2022 – Why is this date scary for astrologers?

(ORDO NEWS) — Two years ago, humanity awaited with horror the onset of the “day of five twos” – 12/22/2020. Vanga was scared.

She promised – back in the distant 80s of the last century, that something terrible would happen – some catastrophic events would occur from which all of humanity would suffer.

The “secret prophecy” of the legendary Bulgarian.

But nothing terrible happened – neither in that year, nor in the next, although there were enough “twos”. There were several “significant” days – both in 2020 and in 2021.

And 2022 in general has become especially rich in “deuces” – there were five of them every month. And nothing special happened. It turned out that the grandmother was mistaken.

Now the day is coming as much as “six twos” – it just so happened, and the shortest day of the year – the winter solstice, astronomically speaking.

The mystics are panicking. And again they are waiting for something terrible – worse than on any day of the “five deuces”. But what? Nobody really knows. But it is known that it will not happen for sure.

An asteroid that can destroy it will not crash into the Earth. Dangerous – all on the account. As astronomers testify, no one is aiming at our planet yet.

On December 22, 2022, four blocks will approach it, one of which is 160 meters high, but all of them will fly past at a decent distance.

The earth will not be destroyed by a monstrous solar flare. On the Sun, nothing catastrophic happens at a particular moment.

It, of course, can suddenly blaze, but it must take time for the ejected substance to reach our planet and somehow set it on fire – like in a blockbuster

“The Omen”. On December 22, 2022, this will definitely not happen again.

Life on Earth could be wiped out by a supernova explosion somewhere nearby within 30 light years. But astronomers do not see such “candidates”.

The COVID-19 pandemic, of course, has killed many, but humanity has not even halved – contrary to forecasts.

But the danger of the outbreak of a nuclear conflict remains. After all, it is enough to press a button – a matter of minutes. World nuclear war mystics and fear the most. Suddenly, someone’s nerves can not stand it. Or by mistake.

However, many believe that prudence will win. Let’s wait 23.12. 2022 – “five deuces” after all. Not six. Yes, and Vanga, about the “six deuces” did not say anything so terrible.

Suspicious people dismiss fears, taking advantage of the occasion. But, for example, it was the day 02/22/2022 – and nothing terrible happened. God will give, and now it will carry.

By the way, there will be “seven deuces”

Exactly 10 years have passed since the end of the world should have come on 12/22/2012. He was expected, referring to the calendar of the Mayan Indians. But they didn’t wait. They were very afraid.

Surely the descendants of 02/22/2222 and 12/22/2222 – “seven deuces” will be restless! It’s scary to even think how they will cope with their fears. If civilization does not perish earlier, of course.


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